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Document 1 - Three Sample Chapters


Please submit the first three chapters of your book.

Picture Book

For a children's picture book (up to 3,000 words), please submit the entire book, with full text and low resolution images. If you send a .pdf file, then set the image resolution to 75dpi on export to create a file that is only a few megabytes in size.


Font & Spacing

Please use a 12 pt Roman or Helvetica proportional font (e.g. Time New Roman, Arial or Liberation Sans).

Please double space your sample chapters.

This is an example

of double spacing.

This doesn’t mean inserting a blank line between every line of text, even though the final result looks a bit like that. It means choosing the ‘double spaced’ option you will find on your word processor.

In Microsoft Word, you will find this option by editing the style and under ‘Paragraph’, set ‘Line Spacing’ to ‘Double’.


Please number your pages. The bottom centre is good. Anywhere else is fine, as long as it’s obvious.