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Contemporary Adventure

A Contemporary Adventure comprises of the following elements:


Your story must be set in contemporary times. This means the exact date is not important. It can be slightly in the past, or the present or the very near future.

Being contemporary means we exclude any real wars (e.g. World War 2), and any futuristic wars are better served by Science Fiction.

Contemporary also means real-world. Fantasy worlds are not part of this genre.


The formula is: The reluctant hero (or heroine) sets out to right some wrong, usually on behalf of someone else. More things go wrong. But he overcomes the odds and the wrong is righted.

Along the way, our heroine / hero is usually changed by events to become a better person.

Adventure and Adventure Romance overlap - the difference is that in pure Adventure, any relationship is usually incidental to the plot, and often transient. Think James Bond: He may always get the girl, but that is not the main plot, and he (seldom) marries them.

Adventure usually turns out well, at least for Georgina, if not for the Dragon.