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Chirp and Find

by Benjamin Ponsford

Chirp and Find is a delightful illustrated children's book by local author Benjamin Ponsford.

Chirp and Find is the story of a young man who goes missing, and the concerned assortment of garden birds who go to find him.

Meet Robert the Robin, Skye the Goldfinch, and Mick, Nick & Chick the House Sparrows, who set off on their great adventure with the rest of the avian crew.

Follow the beautifully drawn birds as they get into and out of trouble. And then, of course, there’s Colin the Cat...

With over 40 full-colour pen and crayon drawings, Chirp and Find will appeal to children of all ages.


Publication Date: 4th Dec 2017

Price: £9.95

Available from: Your local bookstore, Amazon UK, Amazon USA or call us to purchase your copy

About the Author

Benjamin, who has High Functioning Autism, was born in Bath, Somerset. His love of garden birds inspired him to write and illustrate his debut book for children at the age of 28.

Now living next to a country park in Wiltshire, he loves to watch the abundance of wildlife in his garden.