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For Authors

If you're an author, we'd love to hear from you. These pages will help you understand what we're looking for and how to make a submission.

We offer full-service (traditional) publishing, and co-publishing.

Full Service Publishing

Full-service, or traditional publishing, is where the publisher pays the cost of publishing your work and you are paid royalties on sales.

For us to offer you a full-service publishing deal, we need to see that your work has broad commercial appeal, and it needs to fit in one of our specified genres. You can find more details here.


Co-publishing is where both author and publisher pay some part of the publishing costs, in exchange for the author receiving greater (or all) royalties.

Sometimes an author will choose co-publishing for a private memoir or other book with limited commercial appeal, and we can bring our full technical and design expertise to assist you with your project, and offer you access to our global distribution channel. Sometimes we will suggest co-publishing for a promising work that is either outside our genre set, or does not quite fit our traditional publishing criteria.

More details of co-publishing are available here