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General Presentation Guidelines


We publish books written in British English.

You're welcome to use colloquialisms from other languages as appropriate to your story, but please spell check your manuscript against a British English dictionary (for example in your word processor).

Your other documents need not be in ‘British’ English, but our abilities in other languages are limited!


Images in books are a specialist subject, and if you're intending to use them, please talk to us as early as possible. The biggest issue with first-time illustrators is the lack of quiet space around the image.

If you use anything other than text in your manuscript, please indicate this clearly in your cover letter.

File Types

We can accept many file types, but MS Word (.doc or .docx), Libre Office (.odt) and Rich Text (.rtf) are the most reliable.

Word Processor formats like .doc and .odt tend to produce different results on different machines, so if layout is important to you submission, then .pdf may be a good choice for your initial submission, but for later editing, we will need the text in .doc, .docx, .odt, or .rtf format.

Font Face

Some common fonts are: Arial, Times New Roman, Liberation Sans, Helvetica, but any standard font is fine. Please do not use a script font or a courier-like monospace (typewriter) font as these are more difficult to read on a screen.

Here are some examples of good and bad fonts.

Good Fonts to UseBad Fonts to Use
Arial 12pt Monospace fonts such as Courier (Typewriter)
Times New Roman 12pt Script or Cursive fonts such as Apple Chancery
Liberation Sans 12pt Heavy fonts such as Arial Black